Employer:  V&D
Time period: 2009-2016
Location: Amsterdam-The Netherlands
Main job responsibilities: Coordinating the production process from the prototype till production including quality control of all garments Tops and Bottoms manufactured in China, India, Bangladesh and other production countries. Implement and improve measurement charts for the men’s and children’s department for the brands LIV , LIV Collection, Soho, Soho Collection Riley & Clark and Marine dept. for upper and under wear.
Job responsibilities:
  • Ensure that the here above-mentioned products can be taken into production without any problems.
  • To ensure that all production and deliveries meets the quality standard of V&D.
  • Building and maintaining the quality assurance system of the children’s and men’s department.
  • Ensure that all specifications and regulations reports are correctly followed up, checked and documented.
  • Check Sales Samples against the specification and highlight issues, informing the manufacturer and other departments of errors found.
  • Prepare the detail working sheets when orders are written.